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  • Mackenzie Community School students enjoyed a demonstration of the versatile range of brass music as performed by Ottawa's Centretown Brass. Short concerts were provided for every grade and students learned about each instrument, with interesting demonstrations and discussion. They enjoyed listening to a selection of music that demonstrated the range and voice of each instrument, playing excerpts from Star Wars, tv and movie themes, and traditional tunes.

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    The concerts were hosted by Deep River Symphony Orchestra with financial support from the Deep River & District Community Foundation. Photo courtesy of Ivan Saari.

  • Four Seasons Conservancy Marches on with New Nature Trail, partly funded by DRDCF. Wayne Workman, Joan Kalechstein, B.J. Lamure, David Rhodes and Ron Wensel chop and load logs into canoes to be dragged onto frozen Betty's Marsh to form the new trail. The work engaged many other volunteers on the project which took several weeks and will continue until the trail is complete. See the full article  for more details.

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  • See the Grants page for a list of all DRDCF Grants that have been disbursed from 2002 to 2014.

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