Deep River and District Community Foundation

Frequently asked questions

What is a Community Foundation?

It is a locally-run public Foundation, one of over 180 in Canada, that builds and manages donated endowment funds to support activities in its own area.

Who gives and why?

People in the area have given $600,000 to the DRDCF because many of them realize that the future sustainability and healthy growth of their communities can only be guaranteed if they personally give back to the groups and organizations that have enriched their lives. Because Community foundations hold legal charitable status, they give tax receipts for all money donated.

How can your group receive money?

The DRDCF exists to give grants. Grants can be made to every community sector - from health, education and social services, to youth, the arts, and the environment. All it takes is a valid connection through a charitable organization.

Grants can only be given directly to organizations with charitable status, municipalities and institutions of learning. Grants may not be given to support the operating expenses of an organization.

How do I make a donation?

Fill out the Donation Form , In Memoriam Donation Form , Gift Donation Form , or Pledge Form  and send your gift to:
PO Box 1171 , Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0

  • Cheques should be made payable to "DRDCF"
  • Include your address and email on the donation form to ensure that you receive a tax receipt
  • Indicate whether your donation is to be placed in an Endowment, Flow-through (for immediate use), or a Bequest
    • Endowment — Indicate the Fund to which the donation is to be applied. If you do not specify a Fund, you may specify a charitable area — if you specifiy neither a Fund nor a charitable area, your donation will be placed in the Community Fund, under Unrestricted Funds (see Funds tab)
    • Flow-through — Indicate which charity you would like your donation to support
    • Bequest — Indicate whether your donation will be an endowment or a flow-through to a charity

For additional contact information please see the Contact page.

How much of my donation goes toward expenses and not to a fund of my choosing?

At present the DRDCF is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers. To reduce expenses in the future, the DRDCF has added a Foundation Development Fund to its endowment to cover operational expenses of the Foundation. A small percentage of earnings is set aside to cover operating costs. The largest expense is a required Financial Review by a qualified auditor. The annual administrative cost to the DRDCF is currently approximately 0.6% of total assets.